“Too Good To Be True” Smartphone Mobile App Exceeds Expectations

This is an age of cynicism, where things that appear “too good to be true” usually are, as many have learned to their sorrow.  But once in a great while appears a bit of magic that lives up to its incredible claims—and asks only for the chance to prove itself, without strings, contractual commitments, or the sacrifice of your firstborn child.

Meet Member Service Solutions’ shining superstar, its CU Mobile App—an easily and instantly adaptable app that credit unions and financial institutions can offer their members, complete with the potential for 1,001 opportunities to interface, enlighten, advise, and market to those members.

“It’s like giving your credit union’s members access to a miniature website that’s with them all the time, just a click away on their smartphone,” explains Tom Gray, owner/partner of Member Service Solutions, LLC, developers of the groundbreaking new app—and a revolutionary plan for putting that app into the hands of as many grateful clients as possible:

Where other apps require start-up fees that amount to tens of thousands of dollars, says Gray, their CU Mobile super-app is nominally priced, using a sliding scale based on the size of the subscriber institution—and no contract, no commitment, “no kidding!” adds Gray, an experienced, award-winning trainer, consultant, and creator of tailored profitability solutions for thousands of successful clients nationwide.

““I really appreciated the opportunity to try out the app, with no future obligation and no contract required,” said Joseph Ditta, Vice President of Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union in Pasadena, Texas. “I really don’t like contracts! The price was very reasonable, and their presentation was excellent. I was able to see exactly what we’d be getting for our investment, since screen shots of the app at work were displayed as they were being described. No one else made it this easy to understand—this clear and specific.”

The blind faith so often required of subscribers to IT systems is notably unnecessary.  “This is no pig-in-a-poke product,” says MSS owner/partner Rick Hargis, who obtained his life, health, and accident insurance license at age 19, and brought his 35 years of credit union service experience to bear on creating and marketing this product.

“We’re proud of our product and we know that it measures up from every angle as head and shoulders above any competitor app on the market.  We want everyone to experience this difference for themselves—without being held hostage by a contract of any term length,” Hargis emphasized.

Joe Menninger, VP, US Community Credit Union, Nashville, feels that Hargis is definitely on-target. “When considering a mobile app for its members, we had researched several different providers of mobile app technology.  As a result, we selected CU Mobile Apps as our provider. The app and administration of the content is user friendly and, coupled with attractive pricing, made it an affordable solution.”

Some of the differences that make the CU Mobile App so super are a flexible functionality so user-friendly that even the least computer-experienced staffer can quickly grasp and profitably manipulate its capabilities.

The product allows subscribers to easily upload images, choose colors, customize items displayed, and add or change content at any time—and the fact that those adjustments are accessible to their members and customers within 60 seconds instead of 7 to 10 processing days makes it seem almost magical.

Its feature menu include the ability to quickly create and send alert notifications, special offers, or loan or account rate information  to members’ smartphones, as well as on-line banking capabilities that allow users to access their web-based account information securely through their mobile app—just as they would on their home computer.  The app’s QR technology allows the user smartphones to recognize thumbprint codes—even posted on printed materials—that can link the user to web pages, photos, or video messages selected by the subscriber credit union or financial institution.

Information about business hours, phone numbers and locations for each branch location and ATM is easily accessible through the app—along with a pinpoint map tracking tool that guides users to any branch—or dials its phone number with a tap of the user’s finger.  Even Facebook wall posts and tweets can be displayed on the screen for members utilizing the app.

“This app does everything!” claims Melissa Watkins, VP of Marketing for Enrichment Credit Union, serving the greater Knoxville area, “You can change it on the fly, and  update it within seconds, to keep everybody current. When it snows in Oak Ridge and we have to close all our offices tomorrow, we can get that message out to people immediately. I love that!”

The super-app’s future-forward design will allow it to seamlessly accept and integrate newer technologies as they become available, without the usual costly and inconvenient restructuring/redesign delays other apps require—and without additional subscription charges or rate hikes from MSS, in keeping with their determined philosophy to keep their product fairly priced and accessible.

The product’s unique “App Engine” platform works with both iPhones and Android devices, usable by all smartphone owners.

“And as we build in new features and support more futuristic devices—like the iPad, Android Tablet and Apple TV—our subscribers also be able to take advantage of these new platforms and features at no additional cost, says Gray, a trainer, consultant, and creator of tailored profitability solutions for thousands of successful clients nationwide.

“This is not a trick or a trap to get credit union subscribers on board, and then drop a bomb on them in the form of a huge price hike somewhere down the pike,” promises Hargis.  “That’s not the way we believe in doing business.”

That respected business rep is already paying off for Hargis—who might otherwise find it tough to sell this suspiciously attractive offer to todays once-bitten, twice-shy businessmen.

Ditta’s confidence in the Member Service Solutions product was promptly rewarded, however; after a few days of staff orientation with the system, Ditta flipped the switch on his new app—and discovered the next morning that 192 Gulf Coast members had signed on overnight.

Wayne Hope, CEO of Enrichment, also expressed his delight with the super-app:  “There are only a few times that you are introduced to something that (1) on the front end it blows you away, and (2) it delivers on its promises. I can say this is one of those times. I’m extremely impressed with the CU Mobile App. This product has been everything that was promised to be. There have been no disappointments, no surprises

Jaw-droppingly impressive on its own merits, with powers and abilities far beyond those of ordinary apps, this super-app is also supported by Member Service Solutions’ fabled level of customer care, which is “beyond conscientious”, according to their clientele.

“We found Tom Gray to be very knowledgeable about the product, and he got us up to speed very, very quickly for this new product!” Hope observed. “From the time we demo’ed it, we had a contract within the hour. And there have been no surprises.

“Turnaround has been quick; within days, this application was being fleshed out, ready to roll. We found Tom to be extremely accommodating regarding our suggestions, and we’ve found the product itself to be very accommodating, as well,” said Hope.

“Well, ‘service’ is literally our middle name,” points out Gray with a deprecating smile. “We set up each customized system and add upgrades as they appear. We provide whatever help and support is needed—but you won’t need it!” laughs Gray. “One of the features that make this app so valuable is that it can be easily and frequently modified, customized, updated, adjusted, corrected, freshened by your in-house staff –even if they’ve never done anything harder than opening an e-mail attachment!”

Where previous marketing methods have consisted largely of quarterly newsletters—which research claims are ready by only 20% of the membership—and e-mail bulletins that only reach members who are sitting at their computers, smartphones are carried by or kept within arm’s reach of their owners 24 hours a day.

So, points out Hargis, adding an app is like putting your credit union in every member’s hand.

In the final analysis, what this tiny virtual package brings to subscriber credit union and financial institutions is overwhelmingly huge in terms of expanding mobile marketing capabilities, projecting a sharp, high-performance professional image that impresses their members and attracts news ones, and enables them to be more competitive within their own expanding markets.

The change won’t happen overnight, Hargis realizes, but once the word gets around from delighted subscribers enjoying improved profitability as a direct consequence of their app, he anticipates signing up 1,000 credit union subscribers to the app within the next 18 months.

“In today’s business world, most clients want the best price, the best quality, and the best service.  Typically, you can only deliver two out of those three!  Tom and I happened to deliver all three with our CU Mobile App.” Hargis concludes.